FLOW WATERJET FOR CUTTING FOAM AND RUBBER Mdl. M2-1313b, Flowmaster PC Based Conrtol

We had a customer today looking for a special type of waterjet. He wanted to cut foam pieces to make special protective carrying cases.

We were able to get him in contact with our flow representative who was able to find out the exact machine he needed. He went over all the different types of pumps intensifiers, sizes, models like the…
At the time he was not able to purchase a new machine being that he was a small company just starting out. We just so happen to find him a used flow waterjet just weeks later with the exact specifications he was looking for. We found a late model low hours waterjet with no Garnet system that was cutting rubber.

We were able to negotiate with the seller of the flow dot-dot-dot waterjet. He was able to take extra videos to show the wonderful condition of the machine.
There used waterjet was now on the way across the country to turn them into a more productive company that can do special jobs. The great thing about a waterjet machine is depending on the setup it can cut just about any material in the world. That can open up a shop to an amazing amount of products in a variety of Industries.
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