FLOW Waterjet machine 6′ x 12′ Stonecutter Or Model SC-6012 with 60,000 PSI CNC. For Sale and Trade-in.

If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment in your business, let us know. We recently had a customer who had two FLOW Waterjet machines 6′ x 12′ stonecutter Or SC-6012 with 60,000 PSI CNC that were able to cut just about any material including Steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, marble, stone and more.

He wanted to sell his two Flow Waterjet 6′ x 12′ stonecutter Model SC-6012 Flow Waterjets to purchase a brand new larger capacity multi access flow waterjet machine. He took great care of his two Flow Waterjets having a Flow Waterjet company come and repair any issues as well as rebuild the intensifier every… Thousand hours. The two machines had less than 6,000 hours, and we’re just rebuilt by Flow Waterjet professionals with a new water jet pump rebuild kit. This was rebuilt, just 500 hours ago leaving around plenty of time before having to rebuild again. These Flow Waterjet machines have the current software and run great. Our customer just needed to increase his waterjet flow head to a 5 axis with a machine with a DYNAMIC CUTTING compensator.
Sterling Machinery Exchange, a West Coast FLOW DISTRIBUTOR and SHOWROOM IN SOUTH EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA was able to purchase the used machines and trade in for a brand new larger Flow Waterjet system.  Keeping it in the flow family.
Sterling Machinery Exchange was able to disassemble the two Flow Stonecutter 6′ x 12′ Waterjet machines to ship to our West Coast showroom to make them available to our customers who aren’t just ready for new Flow Waterjet cutting machines yet.  A used Flow Waterjet cutting machine is a great way to break into the water jet cutting industry anywhere in the United States. Many of our customers who have Flow Waterjet cutting machines often stick with Flow Waterjet cutting machines and purchase more or more complex machines that are faster and more productive for their different materials.a5255-1a5254-2
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