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Standard Industrial Company

With their impressive line of Press Brakes, Hydraulic Shears, and Hydraulic Presses which are 100% Made in the USA, it’s no wonder how they’ve been setting the standard for American-Made metal fabrication equipment since 1986. Rest assured, with some of the most well built, quality Industrial Machinery made for precision applications, Backed by an unmatched, 5 year parts warranty. Another great detail about Standard Industrial machines, is that they use hydraulic and electric components that are readily available from local industry suppliers or directly from the manufacturer reducing time spent on any repairs or maintenance.

Press Brakes

     Control your load anywhere on the bed with full tonnage through the stroke and length of bed, or any amount of tonnage across the bed with the Single Cylinder Hydra-Mechanical Drive System. Compact systems deliver some of the fastest ram speeds out there on any line of press brakes Ramping up production. With plenty models and added options to choose from, you can find the one for your type of operation. Whether you operate a Small Facility punching Piece by piece, or you are running 3 shifts a day manufacturing large quantities  AB Press Brakes are made to handle it all.  You’ll find that its rigidity comes from being made with a solid design. You can find a Standard Industrial Press brake capacity from 100 up to 1,000 ton capacity with over 43 brake models to choose from.

Standard Industrial Shears

     Model AS Shears are USA Made, Hydraulic, Guillotine drive shears. You’ll find that Standard Industrial Shears are Packed with great features, and plenty of added options to choose from. Standard Industrial AS Shears are made with Premium shock resistant chrome alloy, 4-Edge blades, that are standard in all new shears. With the Bell-crank Linkage system that is design to provide full tonnage along the table with every stroke you’ll have Precision cuts time after time. The unique Hydraulic system allows for no need to balance the machine, just another feature standard in all AS Shears. One can find AS Shears with capacity ranging anywhere from .250” up to 1.5” and over 44 Shear models available.

Hydraulic Four Column, C-Frame and Straight Side Presses.

Four Column Presses

Model AP Four Column Press is a 4 column Press. Designed for center load applications. The hydraulic press is a vertical down acting heavy duty machine. Anywhere from 100 to 1,000 tongue capacity. Comes equipped with plenty of standard features such as a decompression system, overload protection are just some of the many impressive features. Custom bed and ram sizes can be quoted to match your needs. Can be used for a wide range of applications. Stamping, Sizing, Trimming, Punching, and blanking are just some of the many things this machine can do. a total of 17 models to choose from.

C-Frame Presses

Two type of models to choose from the c-frame type press. Viable models are the CC C-Frame Press & the DC C-Frame Press. Both style of machines have 3 speed settings for the ram speed adjustment which are a Fast approaching Ram, Slow Press, and a fast Return speed. Great for all sorts of application needs. A plethora of options and accessories to choose from.

MODEL CC C-FRAME PRESS from 35 – 300 tonnage capacity. Larger tonnage is available but will need to be quoted. Can be used to form, punch, draw, plus many more applications. 7 models to choose from currently. CC type is design with a non guided ram.

MODEL DC C-FRAME PRESS type heavy duty C frame press. Designed specifically for virtually any application dealing with center or off- center loads. Available tonnage capacities include  40 up to 600 tons. Wide variety of usage with metalworking, plastics, fabrics, and other materials used in today’s industry. Guided ram by an 8-way fibbing. Effectively and efficiently powered to for longevity of the machine system. Currently 9 models to choose from.

Straight Side Presses

3 styles of Straight side presses. with over 33 different Models to choose from. AM Straight Side Press, CM Straight Side Press, and the DCSS Straight Side Press are the 3 main Designs. Plenty of features such as front to back off set center loading. left to right loading

Model AM Straight Side Press

Presses are designed for 100 up to 500 tonnage capacity. Am Press is a traditional design of the straight side press. Made for regular use not extremely heavy duty. Run by a single cylinder design. Using off the shelf parts that can withstand 5x its capacity. Am Design is great for having a variety of tango being pressed down on the same stroke.  Currently 12 models to choose from

Model CM Straight Side Press

Design for Full Length Forming at Full Capacity. Allows for Full Front to back Off center Loading as well as Full left to right. Up to 1,000 ton capacity. Currently 12 models to choose from.

Model DCSS Straight Side Press

The top of the line Straight Side Press design. Configured to be extremely heavy duty. Similar built to the DC style press. DCSS has optional ram,and or, Bed extension. Available up to 1,000 ton capacity.Currently 9 models to choose from

We hope you find some of this information useful for your next purchase. If you’d like to have more information on a specific model. Feel free to give us a call, Email, or visit us at We are committed to inform and educated our customers on their next purchase. 

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