New? Used? Pros & Cons to keep in mind when buying your next piece of equipment.

     Are you in the market for your next piece of equipment that will help you get the job done? Been looking over some ads for New & Used Machines, and you can’t seem to make up your mind? That used machine you seen an ad for can get the job done, but you are wondering if you should just go ahead and purchase a new machine. Have you decided which route you are leaning towards to? When buying, making a purchase, we always want to feel we’ve made the best decision. Whether it’s getting a huge discount, a great warranty, and/or  the best service one is always looking for the best bang for your buck.

     When purchasing a machine there is alot to take into consideration. Of course there is the usual when selecting a machine such as the condition machine(New/Used), having the right electrical system to be able to power a machine(220v/440v,Single or 3 phase), the right capacity for your work needs, is it being sold ” AS IS ” or does it have a warranty, and of course making sure personal is competent to operate the machine. When purchasing a New machine there is less to factor in, but certainly there is still a lot to go over. The biggest factors to look into when purchasing a NEW machines would be 1. the rigidity of the machine, 2. typical lifespan of the machine. Its rigidity is a huge factor since a lot of heavy duty used machines will outperform a new light duty machine. A typical lifespan of a machine should be 20-30 years depending on wear, tare, and upkeep of the machine. There is a lot of Pros/Cons when buying NEW or USED.

     Here, at Sterling Machinery, we’ve been carrying NEW & USED Machinery for over 6 decades. We understand the wants & needs of our customers. In comparison a Used well built and designed machine might have already been worked 15 years and may have another 10 years left. However a New more advanced machine built and design for heavy duty operations can outperform an outdated piece of equipment. We carry and offer top of line NEW & USED machinery. So whether you are building your work shop from the ground up and need to save some $$$, or you ready to upgrade your old equipment and trade it for a new one we here to walk you through the purchasing process.  These are just a few things to have in mind when purchasing your next machine.

Hopefully you’ll find this reading helpful, and the information useful for your next purchase.


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