What to expect when Financing your next piece of equipment.

Here, at Sterling Machinery, we have been selling New and Used equipment since 1954. Over the past several months we have had an influx of customers inquiring about financing options. We have teamed up with some great finance companies allowing us to offer Financing options on all our NEW & USED equipment. That includes Press Brakes, Shears, Iron Workers, Lathes, Mills, Saws, and much more.

We also have written up 6 TIPS FOR FINANCING THE EQUIPMENT OR MACHINERY YOU NEED.  The two most important key factors to consider when financing on our lists are how much, and by when. Reason why is one has to be aware of the financing and purchasing process. How quickly does machinery need to be purchased for your intended project? This should play a factor when deciding which financing option to employ, as each comes with a specific speed of approval and funding. Typically, going through a bank will require a waiting period between approval and funding access.

Needless to say if your in the market to purchase a piece of equipment give us a call we would be happy to further discuss the purchasing process and options that are available.

1. Decide how much financing you require. 

4. Be aware of the time-sensitivity of your purchasing needs.


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