Is Now The Right Time To Buy Used Machinery? In This Post Pandemic Time, Used Machinery May Be All You Can Get!

Is Now The Right Time To Buy Used Machinery?
In This Post Pandemic Time, Used Machinery May Be All You Can Get!

Today may be the best time to buy Used machinery in years.  With the ports being clogged by dozens of container ships each day it is harder than ever to get New machinery in stock.  Sterling Machinery Exchange Buys and sells new and used machinery.   “We have seen backorders for sometimes months.  Our customers need machines now and the Used segment of our business has been exploding.” Said, Adam Mattes- President and auctioneer, Sterling Machinery

Since 1954, Sterling Machinery has been selling Fabrication machinery and Tool Room Equipment such as press brakes, shears, grinders, lathes, milling machines, saws, presses, waterjets, lasers, rolls and just about any industrial machinery and equipment for sale.

Are you still having doubt about buying Used machinery?  Many dealers sell machinery as-is and barely run the machine before they ship it.  Sterling Machinery Exchange guarantees what they sell.  Machines are gone through by experts and will carry a guarantee when they leave.  This is the way my grandfather our founder wanted it set up.  We are on your side to help find you the correct machine or cnc machine to best fit your company.  You can try out the machine before you buy it in most cases.  With our professional videos and live inspection you will be sure that the machine is the right size and speed to keep you on the top of your industry.

Sterling Machinery Exchange is the best place to buy used machinery. We have a huge inventory of quality equipment and we’re always adding more.

Our prices are low, but our standards are high – so you can be sure that whatever machine you choose will meet your needs and last for years to come. And if it doesn’t, we offer a 30-day warranty on all machines sold through our website!

You don’t need to spend top dollar on new equipment when there are great deals available at Sterling Machinery Exchange. We sell everything from woodworking tools and metalworking machines to construction equipment and industrial supplies – so no matter what kind of business you run or project you want to tackle, we have exactly what you need in stock right now! Get started by browsing our current selection today!

Take a google tour to see the quality of our New and Used Fabrication and tool Room Machinery Right Now!

Visit us online now or call us directly at 626-444-0311

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