What is the best press brake to buy? What is the best brand of Press Brake to purchase?

 What is the best press brake to buy? 

There are several types of press brakes.  The best selling brands are Amanda, Trumpf , Accurpress, and Cincinnati, Baileigh, Standard Industrial and US Industrial.

What New and Used Press Brakes do Sterling Machinery Exchange sell?

Cincinnati press brakes on the showroom floor and are made in the USA.  Sterling also sells Standard Industrial, Baileigh, US Industrial, Accurprress, Betenbender, GMC Brakes, and many Used Brands.  When looking for the best press brake, you need to choose a press brake with a bending radius larger than the thickness of the sheet metal.  Don’t buy a press brake for what you might need it for.  Plan on what you intend to use the press brake for to help you decide what is the best press brake.
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What does a press brake do?

Press brakes can be used for more than just bending sheet metal and plate. They are used for cutting, riveting, drawing, bending, stamping and punching. A press brake is used to change the size or shape of a piece of material.  Do you know the materials you will be manufacturing when trying to figure out what a press brake does?  This will make sure that you can bend your materials
How does a press brake work?

A press brake bends sheet metal, steel, and different thicknesses and weights.

Video of a Baileigh Hydraulic Press Brake.

How do I become a press brake operator?

The operator of a press brake only needs a basic skill level unless they are using a press brake with more power.  Then the press brake operator needs more training.  Many New Press brakes have CNC computer Numerical Controls that allow for calculations as well as saving the programs and recalling them for each operator.  This makes it easy to train new employees on the brake.  They should know the principals of the Basic Press Brake Bending and Forming.
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Sterling Machinery has expertise in understanding What does a press brake do?  When looking for a press break and trying to learn how does a press brake work you can see our free videos at

Sterling Machinery Exchange has press brakes under power for demonstration.

Sterling machinery has two locations full of fabricating and tool room machines.  If you’re looking for a press brake contact Sterling for advice
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